Welcome, Hiraeth is a roleplay based on three outcasted groups; SkyClan, BloodClan and The Tribe of Rushing Water. Hiraeth is centered around these three groups being exiled by the four clans after lack of prey and territory drove high competition. These three groups, all different in culture found themselves longing for their old home and eventually after years of solitude began to adapt to being outsiders together. Out of reach from StarClan and most civilization, SkyClan, BloodClan and The Tribe must learn to coincide before too much blood is shed.



Thanks for supporting Hiraeth, but we decided to close. With a valiant effort, Hiraeth opened and we had high hopes for the site, unfortunately our members and high ranks fell short. The activity on the site never reached a high point and not even high ranks or staff had the motivation or time to keep up with it. The reality is, webs community sites are outdated and no longer fit the roleplay needs of most of the Warriors roleplayers. Discord and deviantArt roleplays have become the go-to roleplays. With great intentions Hiraeth started, but we can't sustain it any longer. There was never much of a spark to work with for this roleplay and we're all too busy to try and make it work.

Thank you again for your time and dedication to the site. We did try, but not everything is meant to be.

You can check out THIS roleplay, where most of Hiraeth community has left for.


Coming soon!


The crisp autumn wind is chilling the territory. The once long days of sun and warmth are no longer.. Foliage decorates the territory floor and prey is beginning to scarce out as they prepare for the winter months ahead.
We currently have no contests.

Check back soon!